All classes run for 50mins for $35, except the Supervised Lab sessions which are $25.

Pre/Post Orthopaedic Rehab

You will be provided with your individually tailored rehabilitation program targeted to your specific injury or surgery. A clinician will supervise your exercise and provided you with technique coaching and the appropriate progressions to ensure your optimal recovery. This is a great class to ensure you adhere to your rehabilitation and progress safely.

Musculoskeletal Strength and Conditioning

This group provides you with access to supervised exercise to get you through the initial phase of returning to exercise. A clinician will provide you with coaching and support to develop your functional fitness. You will follow your individual exercise program that is designed to progress you to be able to exercise independently. You may progress to home or gym based exercise. Also great for those wanting to challenge their function in final stage rehabilitation post injury or surgery or if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Feeling confident about your strength and function is a great way to manage chronic back pain. Back pain is a specialty of ours.


This class is fully funded by Medicare for 8 weeks and consists of exercise and education to manage type 2 diabetes. You can also self-fund this class if you are pre diabetic and are looking to prevent progression to type 2 diabetes. Lean how to exercise safely with type 2 diabetes. The class is designed for light, moderate or high intensity depending on your goals. You require a referral from your doctor to access the Medicare funded subsidy.

Cardiac and Respiratory

Your individual exercise program will be developed and supervised by our exercise physiologists. This class is designed to utilise our medical grade cardio equipment. This class is suitable for your cardiac and respiratory condition rehabilitation particularly if you would like an individually tailored program. You can also attend this class after your hospital based cardiac or respiratory rehabilitation as part of the maintenance phase of your rehabilitation program.

Cancer Recovery

This class provides you with a supportive environment with other cancer survivors to use exercise as part of your symptom management during treatment or to ensure you continue with your exercise post treatment. Exercise is an integral part of your treatment phase or to prevent recurrence. A great way to ensure you exercise safely and adhere to your exercise program.

Stay Active: Falls and Balance

For many reasons we find our function declining. In this class you can follow a supervised program addressing your balance, agility, strength and endurance to enable you to live the life you want.

Mobilising and Stabilising

This class is designed to mobilise and stabilise your joints and spine. A great antidote to sitting at work. Designed to be able to be done at lunch time without too much sweat. A flowing sequence of movements you can take into your everyday life to manage the pain and discomfort from too much sitting at the computer.

Supervised Lab  

If you have an exercise program prescribed by any clinician at Canberra City Health Network you can book in to complete your program in the Lab. Also good if you have a Pilates reformer program prescribed.

Running rehab

Running drills/strength and conditioning for running