Nutrition affects every aspect of our lives. However, what often gets forgotten is that there are aspects of our live that affect our nutrition such as our preferences, our lifestyle, and our cultural backgrounds.

Nutritionists draw on extensive training in biochemistry, physiology and food science to work alongside each client to achieve their individual goal.

Initial assessment involves gaining an understanding of the client’s desired outcomes, their lifestyle, dietary and exercise habits. A Nutritionist then works in partnership with the client to set smaller goals as steps towards a larger outcome.

There are three main areas that a Nutritionist works across:

  • Nutrition for general health and wellbeing e.g. weight loss, fertility, breastfeeding, improving energy levels
  • Nutrition for performance e.g. marathons, cycling events or getting more out of a workout
  • Nutrition for selected conditions e.g. irritable bowel, gluten intolerance, endometriosis, depression

A Nutritionist will help you build a plan specific to your needs, and develop lifelong habits for good health.