Remedial Massage Therapist

Darren started out his career as a personal trainer and gym instructor in the early 1990’s. When several of his clients asked him to recommend a massage therapist and he did not know of any, he decided complete a massage course and began treating clients and friends in May 1998 along with personal training.

After the success with the introduction of massage and his complete passion for treating people, Darren completed an Advanced Diploma of Sports Therapies in 2002 at the ACT college of Natural Therapies.

Darren moved to Melbourne in 2007 where he worked alongside senior therapists for the Davis Cup tennis team.

Whilst working in Melbourne, Darren had the opportunity to work with AFL players, soccer players, Davis cup tennis players, Olympic athletes and world record holding swimmers.

With over 21 years of treating people from all walks of life, Darren doesn’t consider his career as a job, it’s just something he loves doing every day.

Darren returned to Canberra in January 2019 to be close to family and friends.

Darren is a member of Australian Traditional-Medicine Society.