Dr Aaron Fernandes (Osteopath)


Aaron grew up in Melbourne. Yes, that means he is an avid follower of all sports. He played competitively in soccer, cricket, tennis, volleyball, football, swimming and athletics. However, he excelled most in basketball where he represented his club and school teams in the Australian National Championships in Tasmania and Victoria.

Competing at such a high level required many hours training and playing. This led Aaron to experience many low-grade ankle and knee injuries as a teenager. He resorted to physical therapy to help rehabilitate and recover. This would later be the stimulus for Aaron’s career choice.

He completed his Bachelor of Clinical Sciences and Masters of Osteopathy at Victoria University.  In his third year studying he decided to undertake his internship at SportsMed Mumbai, an Orthopaedic hospital in India. During his time there he was able to work alongside Physiotherapists, Radiologists and Orthopaedic Surgeons. He would routinely scrub up and observe surgeries and listen in on real time radiology reports from hospitals in Chicago and New York. He was even lucky enough to be mentored by one of Melbourne’s most respected Osteopaths, Glen Bales.

Aaron enjoys treating all conditions but has a keen interest in rehabilitating lower limb injuries – ankle, knee and hip – largely due to his personal experience as well as his research with Dr Peter Malliaras in his final year. He also has a passion for treating low back and neck complaints as he understands their debilitating nature.

In his spare time Aaron relishes the opportunity to travel and go snowboarding. When these luxuries of life are not available he enjoys running, cooking delicious Asian inspired dishes, enjoying a cappuccino or watching his beloved Essendon Bombers.