Real Time Ultrasound For Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a very common and debilitating condition that can affect people of all ages and activity levels. Research has shown that people who suffer from ongoing back pain frequently have weak and dysfunctional ‘core muscles’. These core muscles are essential in creating lumbo-pelvic stability and therefore creating a strong back. Muscles that we frequently target during core training at Canberra City Health Network include the transverse abdominus & multifidus groups. These core muscles act like a ‘corset’ by wrapping around the lower back and pelvis, therefore helping to provide spinal stability. As these muscles are the deepest of our abdominals, they can be difficult to feel or contract.

Real time ultrasound is a very valuable tool when training these muscles as it allows clinicians at Canberra City Health Network to view and assess specific key muscles on a screen in ‘real time’. This is very important as core exercises are frequently performed poorly and are therefore ineffective. Using real time ultrasound, clinicians at Canberra City Health Network can work with you to ensure you are performing the relevant exercises correctly and are recruiting the right muscles.

Real time ultrasound is an external, pain free and safe assessment tool that can be performed in a standard 30 minute consultation. The ultrasound technology we use is the same technology as that is used in prenatal pregnancy.