Health Assessments       

If you are after objective measures of where your health is at, this assessment is for you.

One’s overall health is indicated through several components including lifestyle, strength and flexibility, nutrition, blood indicators, mental health, body composition and family history. This assessment provides measurable figures to highlight the areas that could benefit from improvement.

You will undergo a 45 minute consultation reviewing the following:

  • Medical & family history
  • Food & exercise review
  • Health Indicators:
    • blood pressure
    • blood glucose level
  • Body composition
    • Height and weight
    • Body fat %
    • Hip & waist circumferences
  • Flexibility
  • Functional strength
  • Mental health screening

If you’re ready to start up a new fitness routine or wondering if what you are currently doing is working, then you can benefit from a Health Assessment with us. This assessment can be performed prior to embarking on an intervention and can be used throughout your quest towards your health goals in order to track progress. Typically, you may start to see change after 6 weeks. This is also encouraged as an annual check in to track and compare your results over time.

You will receive recommendations and referrals where required. Results can be sent to your General Practitioner.

*health fund claimable under Exercise Physiology cover