Overview of ergonomics in childcare: how long, where, when, brief description, cost.

We all think about ergonomics of offices and warehouses, because that’s where we imagine work place issues happen. But what about spaces which are specifically designed to cater to people half your size? These presentations will give you the tools to think about ergonomics in childcare. The hands-on-participation sessions can be delivered at your centre, in your space, so you can see straight away how to apply what you’re learning. Best of all it’s free and can be delivered at a time that suits you and your team.

Who is going teach?

The sessions are led by Dr Aaron Fernandes (Osteopath) and Dr Brad Hocking (Osteopath). Both are passionate health practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

What to expect?

In 2010-2015 the most common claims made to Work Safe were of musculoskeletal origin. These sessions will focus on techniques designed to reduce the injuries which lead to these kinds of claims. We will cover a range of mobility exercises and lifting techniques and leave you with simple strategies tailored to the routine daily tasks of childcare workers.


The strategies learnt in these sessions will help your employees stay fit and healthy and avoid work-related injuries. Ultimately, this keeps workplace culture up and Work Safe claims and absenteeism down.

How to book.

Email: [email protected] or phone: 02 6247 0733