Bone Health and Balance Class

Casey Clinic

*Taking expressions of interest.

In order to prevent falls, generate bone growth and maintain independence you must challenge your balance and build muscular strength for 2 hours per week for up to 6 months.

Join Exercise Physiologist, Gemma in a small group environment (1:3) targeting falls prevention and improving bone health through exercise.

Gemma will undertake an initial screening to get a baseline of your balance and muscular strength. The screening will take 30 minutes. The screening will be re-done at the completion of your training and enables you to get a before and after picture. This information will be sent to your General Practitioner and other specified health professionals. *Please book in for the screening prior to attending the class.

At the commencement of the class there will be a group warm up focusing on strength before moving into a program specifically developed for you. You will also be given 3 exercises to perform for 10 minutes daily.

Each class will run for 55 minutes. The group may wish to catch up afterwards for coffee and pastries around the corner in the Market Town.

Get started and learn the exercises you will need over 6-8 weeks.

You can pay as you go or pay upfront and you can join the class at any time.

Screening:                             $40 (30 minutes appointment).

Class cost:                              $40 per person per class

6-8 weeks of training:        $240 – $320