Active Program                                                                                                                         

The Active Program is based on the latest research evidence into the benefits of incorporating recreation and exercise into your lifestyle. Our accredited Exercise Physiologist will assess your current function and work with you to prescribe your personalized plan of our active programs. You will be provided with support to develop strategies to adhere to your prescribed program and ongoing reviews will lead you safely through the appropriate progressions of the program.


Active Foundations

If you’re not currently active this is the place to start to get physical activity and exercise into your daily life. Behavior change coaching is integral to this program

Active Progress

Let’s get you moving at higher intensity and functionality to reap even greater health and lifestyle benefits.

Active for Life

Your periodic check up to keep your physical activity and exercise programs on track, keeping you healthy for life. Recommended at least every 4 months to ensure you are adhering to your exercise goals and maximizing the time spent/benefit ratio.

Stay Active: Balance and Strength

A progressive program developing your strength and balance to prevent functional decline or regain your mobility so you can maintain your participation in life.

Active: Return to Recreation

Let’s get your body prepared to get back into some recreation/sporting endeavors. Particularly important if you are planning to return to recreation activities or sport and you are over 40 or currently inactive.

Active on Field

Improve your performance in your recreational sports no matter what level you play. Give your biomechanics a check up to reduce your chances of injury. Plan your recovery strategies to minimize injury and promote optimal performance. Review your training program variables.

Active Future 50+

Improve your functional capacity to maximize your participation in your lifestyle pursuits. Develop an individual exercise program that addresses your unique set of circumstances to promote healthy aging; body composition, strong bones, confidence in your balance and agility and a healthy physiology.

Active Rehab

A supervised group program to regain your strength and fitness post injury, surgery or illness. If you have a medical condition a supervised program may allow you to develop the confidence you need to exercise at an appropriate volume and intensity to promote recovery and chronic condition management. This program would also be appropriate for anyone undergoing Cancer treatment, mental health management, pre diabetic or diagnosed diabetic, pre & post pregnancy, chronic pain.

Ask to Speak to our Exercise Physiologists for further information