Sciatica is a common cause of lower back pain and disability. It is defined as pain in the lower back and/or hip and buttock that radiates in the distribution of the Sciatic Nerve. Sciatica is caused by pressure placed upon spinal nerves and commonly occurs in conditions such as bulging intervertebral discs, arthritis and facet joint dysfunction. The affected nerves then trigger a painful response in the area of the leg that they supply or innervate. Sciatica is a very common condition which clinicians @ CCHN treat regularly.

Flexibility, strength and posture are all important factors when it comes to managing Sciatica. Strong ‘core’ muscles supporting the Lumbar spine are very important and the clinicians at CCHN are able to use real time ultrasound technology to assist their patients in learning and implementing a suitable core training program.

Massage can also be very effective in treating Sciatica. As muscles tend to spasm/contract with this condition, massage can be very important in releasing excessive muscular tension.

Hydrotherapy can also be very effective for people suffering from Sciatica. The buoyancy of water creates an environment of reduced body weight and Gentle movement and exercise can increase strength while increasing pain free movement for patients with Sciatica.