What is an Exercise Physiologist?

Exercise physiologists (EPs) utilise exercise to manage chronic diseases and conditions and, persisting pains. They are allied health professionals with a minimum four year university degree. They are regulated by Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA). EPs utilise exercise like medicine, and implement evidence based exercise for specific conditions. Whilst EPs can treat a wide variety of chronic conditions, many have a focus area which they are particularly well researched in. Gemma our EP, has extensive knowledge in the area of persisting pain conditions such as chronic lower back pain.

Why see an Exercise Physiologist?

Exercise Physiology benefits patients with chronic condition(s), those who need specific advice on exercising, or have limitations in their capacity for daily function. Patients regularly see an EP as part of:

  1. a) follow on from physiotherapy or osteopathy treatment
  2. b) as part of a Return to Work Conditioning program in the event of a workplace injury


  1. c) as part of a GP management OR NDIS plan.

Evidence based exercises and individualised education is implemented in a graded manner to improve your ability to move and perform your daily tasks, decrease your pain and enable you to better manage your condition.

What should you expect?

Initial Consultation: where you will discuss your medical and exercise history, physical capacity, expectations and goals. This establishes a snapshot at where you are at and enables EP, Gemma, to indicate a timeline for recovery.

Ongoing consultations: You will commence your personalised program specific to your condition. This may be a home exercise program, in clinic sessions or a combination of both.

Review: A reassessment will occur around the 6-8 week mark to view your progress.

What to wear to the consultation?

Flat shoes or sneakers and comfortable clothing that enables you move your hips and legs freely. Please do not feel you have to turn up in exercise attire!